American government and politics, 1960-1966
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Brief Description: This collections consists of four publications in the form of political and societal discourse reflected the issues of American and international politics in the 1960s
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Created by: American politicians and journalists (1960s)
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Biographical Note for American politicians and journalists (1960s) : American politicians and journalists of the 1960s
Subject Index
American humanitarian responsibilities
American national interests
American politics, 1960s
Combat operations in Vietnam, 1962 -- 1975
Decision to apply military forces in Vietnam, Lyndon B. Johnson, 1965
Disasters of the Vietnam War
Division in the American society over the Vietnam War
Documents in English language
Global security, 1960s
Implementation of military decision, negative results
Implementation of military decisions
International Affairs, 1960s
Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States
Military support of North Vietnam by the USSR and China
Missile systems, defensive
Missile systems, offensive
Narratives in English language
Negotiations in the Vietnam War
Peace efforts in the Vietnam war
Presidential campaign of 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson
Presidential campaigns, intrigues and hypocrisies, United States
Presidential campaigns, United States
Reform in medical sphere, Great Society, United States
Reforms in civil rights, Great Society, United States
Reforms in Education, Great Society, United States
Reforms in public sphere, Great Society, United States
Reforms in Social sphere, Great Society, United States
Robert F. Kennedy, US Senator and official, public and political figure
Search for peace settlement in the Vietnam war
Social issues of American society, 1960s
The Great Society, American politics
The Great Society, American politics, Lyndon B. Johnson
The role of the USSR in the Vietnam War
United States (1950 -- 1978)
US Armed forces, 1960s
US soldiers in Vietnam, 1962 -- 1975
Vietnam War, 1962 -- 1973
War between North Vietnam and South Vietnam
Languages of Materials
English [eng]