Ron Laby Collection, wartime correspondence and related documents, 1939 -- 1946
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Brief Description: Wartime official and private correspondences. Letters sent within countries and between countries. Official documents are issued in Germany, Romania, Poland and British-mandate Palestine. The time-span includes the period from 1930s to the late 1940s.
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Record Series Number: RG-112/RG-112
Created by: multiple authors (1920s -- 1970s), multiple agencies (1933 -- 1945), multiple senders (1939 -- 1945)
Volume: 1.0 Folders
Biographical Note for multiple authors (1920s -- 1970s) : The Holocaust survivors and witnesses narrated their wartime experience
Subject Index
Bnai Brith (B'nai B'rith) documents, wartime
Correspondence between German-occupied and un-occupied territories
Correspondence between German-occupied territories and neutral countries
Correspondence between German occupied Denmark and Lodz Ghetto, wartime
Correspondence between Germany-occupied territoreis
Correspondence between Germany and Shanghai, wartime
Correspondence between Hungary and Palestine, wartime
Correspondence between Italian controlled territories, wartime
Correspondence between Italy and Switzerland, wartime
Correspondence between offices of Romanian Jewish communities and Romanian authorities, wartime
Correspondence between Romanian Jewish communities, wartime
Correspondence between Vienna and Italy, wartime
Correspondence between Yugoslavia and Palestine, wartime
Correspondence from Austria to Italy, wartime
Correspondence from German-annexed Austria to the US
Correspondence from Hungary to Palestine, wartime
Correspondence from Lithuania to Palestine, wartime
Correspondence from Soviet-annexed Lithuania to Palestine
Correspondence in Germany, wartime
Correspondences between Soviet annexed Polish territories and Palestine, 1939- 1941
Correspondences from German POW camps, wartime
Correspondences sent from Vienna, wartime
Documents issued by the Jewish Council in Prague, wartime
Documents of Jewish Refugee Center in Shanghai, wartime
Documents related to Jewish Councils (Judenrat) activities in Poland, wartime
Jewish Refugee Center in Shanghai, wartime
Jewish refugees in Shanghai, wartime, documents and correspondences
Official documents for Jewish communal organization in Shanghai, postwar
Official documents from Shanghai, wartime
Personal correspondence
prisoner of war correspondence, the Second World War
Questionnaires about medical profession for Jews and non Jews, wartime, East Galicia
The Jewish Council of Seniors (Altestnrat der Juden) in Prague, the Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia
wartime correspondences
Languages of Materials
German [ger]
Romanian [ron]
Yiddish [yid]
Russian [rus]
Polish [pol]
Hungarian [hun]
English [eng]
Ukrainian [ukr]