Theresienstadt Ghetto, 1942-1945
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Brief Description:

The Moritz Müller Collection contains five sketches of the Theresienstadt period, made in pencil on paper, dated from August 1943 to March 1944.

The Eva Beckman Collection contains Theresienstadt receipts (ghetto money), ghetto stamps and a Yellow Jewish star.

The photo-documents from the USHMM include various photographs depicting the wartime experience and the Nazi propaganda in Theresienstadt.

Individual documents present a copy of the list of the children from Bialystok, who were first resettle in Theresienstadt and then deported to a death camp. Deportation date, 5 October 1943. We included as a cross reference an Erich Lichtblau letter to Shlomi Barmore from 1983.

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Created by: Kohn, Adele, Beckman, Eva
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This record group  comprised the following collections, Moritz Mueller Collection; Adele Kohn Collection; Photo-documents from Theresienstadt, USHMM Collection; Theresienstadt, artifacts and photographs; Erich Lichtblau documents; Eva Beckman Collection; Theresienstadt correspondence, to and from the ghetto, from Ed Victor Papers

Moritz Mueller Collection is organized according to the collection level, would it be a collection of individually owned documents and artifacts or a collection of the documents and  artifacts reflecting multiple aspects of the ghetto life. Documents are digitized.

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