Ukrainian Interwar Periodicals in Poland and Czechoslovakia, 1914 -- 1941, 1918-- 1941
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These periodicals represents at least two political camps in the Ukrainian national movement in interwar Europe, 1918 -- 1939.

Dilo (the Deed) was an oldest Ukrainian periodical in Eastern Galicia, it also was the most continuous publication. It first issue appeared on 14 January 1880 and the publication ended with the German invasion of Poland on 6 September 1939. Dilo was first the official party organ of Ukrainian National Democratic Party and since 1925 and until September 1939, it was an official publication of the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance in Eastern Galicia. Over the time of publishing this edition changed several titles, such as Hromads'ka Dumka (Public Thought), Ukraiins'ka Dumka (Ukrainian Thought), Ukraiins'kyj Vistnyk (Ukrainian Herald), Hromads'kyj Vistnyk (Public Herald) and Svoboda (Freedo

Rozbudova Nacii (Nation Building) was an official organ of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. This monthly periodicals was published in Prague in 1929 -- 1932. It was a far-right nationalistic periodical banned in Poland. The Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists  regarded the Polish administration over Eastern Galicia illegitimate. The character of publication was more of theoretical content with a portion of informative reportages.

Dolia (The Fate) was a non-partisan periodical published in Przemysl. It reflected social-political affairs of the Przemysl region. The Archive has only editions of 1918.

Natsiia v Pochodi (The Nation on March) was a nationalistic  and state-building periodical published in Berlin in 1939 --1941. Its appeal was to buil an independent Ukrainian state under the auspices of Germany. The publisher was V. Kuzhim.

Ilustrovani Visti (the Illustrative News) was a Ukrainian social-cultural and literary monthly periodical published in Cracow. The Archive has publcations of 1940.

Ukraiinskyj Beskyd (the Ukrainian Beskyd)  was a catholic weekly of monarchic-hetmatist orientation published in Przemysl in 1933 –1939. It was financially supported by the Biship J. Kotsylovskyj. The publisher was D. Hreholysnskyj. The Archive has publications of 1936.

ABV Informatyvni Visty (ABV, Informing News) a publication in the form of manuscript. It theorized the strategy of Ukrainian state-building in geopolitical and historical perspective. The Archive has publications of 1940 – 1941.

Trudova Ukraiina (the Working Ukraine) was a periodical published by the Ukrainian Party of Socialist-Revolutionists in Prague. This periodical conceptualized a critical approach to capitalism, nationalism and Soviet communism. It supported Ukrainian national independence under the angle of radical socialism. The Archive has publications from 1933 through 1938.Churtujmosjia (Get Together) was military and political periodical of analytical character published in Prague. Its political affiliation was nationalistic and its conception was a state-building of independent Ukraine.

Churtujmosjia (Get Together) was military and political periodical of analytical character published in Prague. Its political affiliation was nationalistic and its conception was a state-building of independent Ukraine.

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