Cherna Kapulkina Papers, 1939-1970
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Brief Description: Therea are personal correspondence of the wartime and postwar period withr regard to the fate of Jews in Polotsk, Belarus in 1941. Family photographs and the photographs of the Holocaust-related sites are also included in to this Collection
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Created by: Cherna Kapulkina (1939 1970s)
Volume: 1.0 Boxes
Biographical Note for Cherna Kapulkina (1939 1970s) : It is a personal collection of prewar and wartime photographs. The immediate postwar correspondence shed light on the tragic fate of Ms. Kapulkina family in the ghetto of Polotsk in Belarus in 1941.
Subject Index
Belarus (1939-1944)
Chaya Kapulkina, from Polotsk, perished in the Holocaust, 1941
Cherna Kapulkina, from Polotsk, Belarus
collaboration in the Holocaust
Collaboration in the Holocaust in Belarus, 1941 -- 1944
Correspondence from the Soviet Red Army, from the active combat units, 1941 -- 1945
Correspondence to and from Polotsk, Belarus, postwar
Documents in Russian language
Family History, Kapulkiny (s)
Holocaust, history
Holocaust in USSR (1941-1944)
Kapulkin Family, Polotsk, Belarus
Kiev (Ukraine)
Local auxiliary police in Belarus, 1941 -- 1944
Mendel Kapulkin, 1915 -- 1941, perished in the Holocaust in Polotsk, Belarus, 1941
Narratives in Russian language
Personal correspondence
Personal correspondence, Cherna Kapulkina
Pesia Kapulkina-Minkovich, perished in the Holocaust in Polotsk, 1915 -- 1941
Polotsk (Belarus)
Postwar research and narratives on the History of the Holocaust
The Holocaust in Belarus, 1941 -- 1944
The USSR (1941--1945)
Languages of Materials
Russian [rus]